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Everything you need to know when buying caviar online

The cost of a box of genuine caviar will depend on the species of sturgeon from which it is harvested, quantity and quality.

In our case, the price can vary from 115 lei for a 30g box of Caviar from Cega (Sterlet) to 600 EUR for a 1kg box of Siberian Caviar.

“Icreles” are unfermented fish eggs. Examples of fish from which roe can be made are salmon, trout, carp, etc. “Icre” can also be used for eggs that come from other marine animals (e.g. lobsters and shrimps).

Caviar is a form of roe. Caviar can only come from fish of the ‘acipenseride’ family (also known by the general name ‘sturgeon’). In other words, all forms of caviar are roe, but not all roe is caviar.

The process of producing caviar is much more time-consuming and complex, but the eggs that are produced have a more intense and sophisticated taste, incomparable to other types of roe, hence the price difference between caviar and roe.

Essentially, caviar is made from eggs carefully harvested from sturgeon, cleaned and treated with salt to give them their unique taste. Through this process we can ensure that each bead of caviar will give you a burst of flavour and give you an unforgettable dining experience.

After the female sturgeon reach maturity (between 4 and 15 years, depending on the species and the desired quality) they are individually checked for egg size.

If a sturgeon is ready to be harvested, it is slaughtered, the eggs are collected and go through a complex process that includes separating them from the gut membrane, cleaning, inspecting each bead of caviar to make sure it meets our standards and treating it with salt.

After this lengthy process the caviar is sealed and stored in refrigerated rooms for preservation.

For storage, caviar should be stored in the refrigerator immediately after delivery at a temperature between -3 – 2 degrees Celsius. One trick is to store the caviar in the backmost part of the refrigerator, where it is usually coldest.

However, caviar should not be kept in the freezer!

Our caviar has a shelf life of 12 months from packaging, as long as it is not opened. After the can or jar is opened, we recommend that it be consumed within 48 hours.

Our caviar is delivered in special heat-insulating EPS (Styrofoam®) boxes with ice accumulator.

Until delivery, each box of caviar is kept under optimal refrigeration conditions and is delivered in the shortest possible time to ensure the freshness and quality of each order.

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For an unforgettable experience we recommend you taste caviar in its purest form.

For serving, the caviar can be tasted directly from the metal box (specially designed for caviar and which does not interfere in any way with the taste of the caviar) in which it was delivered.

After opening, we recommend that you do not use metal utensils, as they can break or alter the taste of the caviar pearls.

For the most authentic experience we recommend using Mother of Pearl utensils. In case you don’t have any pewter utensils, you’ll find everything you need in the “Accessories” section of our catalogue.

From here, you can taste caviar without any other ingredients to enjoy the unique, unadulterated taste of caviar. Press caviar beads with your tongue against the roof of your mouth without biting first and feel the unique experience of each caviar bead.

Alternatively, you can put a teaspoon of caviar on a piece of toast or a plain biscuit, along with a teaspoon of cream or cream cheese.

In case you want to cook something unique using caviar you can find more recipes in the Blog section at the top of the page.

Last but not least, we recommend sharing it with someone special!

Caviar can come from sturgeon caught in the wild or farmed in special farms. The export of caviar from the wild was banned in 2006 because the global sturgeon population was at risk.

Hence the need for fish farms to raise sturgeon in a controlled, responsible and environmentally sustainable environment.

In our case, all elements of sturgeon farming and caviar harvesting are done to the highest standards, be it the environment in which they are reared, quality of life, safety and food. Not only to be able to ensure the highest quality products, but also to honour this noble fish.

Every step, from growing the fingerlings to packaging the caviar is handled with the highest degree of expertise to ensure that our sturgeon lead happy lives and are treated in the most humane way possible.

Factors considered determinants of caviar quality are: uniformity and consistency of the grain, size, colour, smell, aroma, gloss, firmness and vulnerability of the chorion. There are three categories of caviar: Grade 1; Grade 2; Pressed caviar.

Caviar is also categorised by the species of sturgeon that produces it, due to the fact that some sturgeon species such as the cega reach maturity more quickly, while others such as the Siberian Niset or Morunul, which produces Beluga caviar, reach maturity after years.

Gavella Farm produces exclusively grade 1 caviar.

Our sturgeons (Huso Huso), which produce Beluga caviar, have reached the maturity required for caviar production, passing the 18 years old threshold, but we are waiting for the perfect time to harvest in order to offer you the highest quality in terms of texture, colour and last but not least, pearl size.

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